What Do You Know About Bike DUI?

Ever thought about going out for a night on the town and truly show up the fun however were concerned about how you were going to get house? Did you then wonder if you could simply ride your bike up the block to the regional tavern and ride it back down after your night of fun? Ideally this short article can address your concerns about whether you can be accused of driving under the influence (DUI) for riding a bike intoxicated.

Prior to I start, however, let me mention that this article is for informative functions just. I have not done a comprehensive search of each state’s laws concerning this question, so your state’s rules might be various. Prior to you choose to head out on the town and ride your bike intoxicated (or even ride your bike after drinking), please speak with a lawyer in your area simply to make sure. Likewise, lastly, the objective of this short article is not to motivate people to ride their bikes drunk. Whether or not it is illegal, it is dangerous. The sole purpose of this short article is to address a concern many people have.

Bicyclists injured in a car accident lying down on the road and holding his head with helmet. A person who is driving car running to helps to injured man

Let’s set the scene here to help answer our question. Let’s state you are at home in the evening, in Bellevue or Seattle, Washington, for the functions of the example, and you have a few beers while watching a game throughout the weekend. At the end of the game, starving for some Cock’s, you get on your bike and make the roughly 1 mile journey towards hamburger heaven. While on your way to the restaurant, you are stopped by a policeman. The officer notes that you weren’t riding your bike straight, your breath given off alcohol, and your eyes were bloodshot (side note – you are guaranteed to see these physical symptoms almost one hundred percent of the time in police reports). After observing these indications, the officer asks if you ‘d want to take some field sobriety tests. You agree, and perform partially (side note again – in Washington in particular, you ought to never consent to take field sobriety tests – you have no responsibility to). At that point you are apprehended on suspicion of DUI and removed to the police station.

Among the fantastic aspects of American law is that the courts are able to argue not only the plain language of the law, however the intent of the legislature when producing the law. In this case, a review of the legislative intent, combined with an evaluation of other statutes, shows that bicycles were never ever actually meant to be consisted of in DUI laws. Initially, concerning legal intent. The legislature altered the definition of automobile not to encapsulate bicycles for drunk driving functions, however to encapsulate bikes in the traffic rules and policies. Before this meaning was modified, bicycles were not technically required to follow the rules of the road. Including bicycles in the definition of vehicles enabled that to happen.

Second, the definition for all other DUI associated rules appear to include a recommendation to automobile and need a minimum of exercising control over an automobile. This more promotes the idea that bicycles and bicyclists were not planned to be covered by DUI statutes. Furthermore, the charge for drunk driving itself doesn’t make sense with somebody on a bicycle. The main punishment is suspension of owning benefits – only riding a bike doesn’t need a license.

So, a minimum of in our Washington example, if you ride a bicycle while intoxicated, you most likely can not be founded guilty of DUI. And this reasoning seems to apply to most other states too. However, as I discussed formerly, prior to doing anything, please talk to an experienced DUI or criminal lawyer.

If you or somebody you know is accused of DUI, even if it’s DUI on a bike, don’t wait. Hire Randy Collins, a California DUI lawyer today. The earlier you speak to and hire a criminal attorney, the better your criminal attorney will have the ability to assist you win your case.