Are You Associated with a Vehicle Accident?

If you or a loved one has actually remained in an auto accident brought on by another motorist, our Austin cars and truck accident attorneys can assist you to look for compensation. For more information, call us or submit our online type. We are ready to offer a totally free case evaluation and address your concerns. We do not charge legal fees unless we succeed and recover payment for you.

Common Types of Texas Vehicle Accidents

Aggressive driving: Speeding, making harmful passes and roaring through red lights put innocent drivers and their passengers at risk. These irresponsible motorists can trigger major injuries or cut lives short in an intersection crash, head-on crash and other kinds of car accidents.

Drunk driving: Heavier law enforcement and public awareness projects have lowered Texas DWI/ DUI mishaps. However alcohol-impaired driving remains a serious public security issue. For several years, more people have died in drunk-driving wrecks in Texas than anywhere else in the nation.

Sidetracked driving: Kinds of distracted driving include talking on a cell phone, texting, eating, drinking, and discussions with passengers or utilizing a GPS device. Distracted driving is especially hazardous when the driver approaches an intersection or is traveling through a work zone.

Sleepy driving: Instead of taking a break, too many drivers remain on the roadway when they are worn out or at risk of going to sleep at the wheel. Sleepy motorists are accountable for lots of fatal car accidents and fatigue-related crashes that send out innocent individuals to the hospital with severe injuries.

Teen driving: Teen drivers lack experience and often do not appreciate the consequences of hazardous owning routines. Why are teen motorists most likely to be involved in mishaps? Young motorists are typically guilty of speeding, texting or using a cellular phone or other digital gadget while behind the wheel. There is a high rate of major injury mishaps involving teen motorists.

Vehicle flaws: Even when a motorist is following the rules of the road, a faulty or malfunctioning automobile part or system can lead to a serious or lethal crash. Tire blow-outs, brake failures and other types of mechanical problems endanger the motorist, guests and others who are sharing the roadway.

Assistance For Austin Automobile Accident Victims

Austin automobile accident lawyers have helped Texas cars and truck mishap victims with injuries varying from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to more serious, devastating injuries. We likewise help the enduring families after fatal accidents.

We examine cases, utilize technology and talk to highly qualified medical, engineering and accident restoration professionals. As a result, we have gotten many favorable decisions and settlements on behalf of our customers.

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Texas has a two-year statute of limitations for injury and wrongful death cases. Depending on the parties involved in your automobile accident, the deadline for acting may get here even quicker.

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